Center board

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I have a 2004 14.2 and I have noticed that when I am reaching at speed, the center board starts to vibrate. When raise the center board to half way the vibrating stops, is this normal?

I have also found that in heavier conditions and heading up wind or on a tight reach it is almost impossible to raise or lower the centre board. Is this normal?

By bearing down and releasing the pressure on the centre board I am able adjust it quite easily.


Centerboard Hum

My boat's centerboard hummed when sailing along at good speed on a reach when I first bought it. It's because there's no side load on the board. The noise is no big deal, but the vibration of the board does effect the boat speed. It happens because the centerboard's shape is not as symmetrical (fair) as it could be. You can attempt to "reshape" the board to reduce this.

Another poster suggested a few months back that if you take the board out of the boat, apply some 3m fairing compond and reshape the board, the hum will go away. I gave this a shot and was able to reduce the hum considerablely.

On other points of sail, as the side load increases the noise will reduce. With more side load the board may be more difficult to raise. There have been a few posts on how to re-rig the centerboard to make adjustment easier. Seach the forum and you should be able to find help on this.

Good luck!
Chris E.