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Couple of months ago, I purchased from authorized dealer a new Laser Standard / Race model. Within a few weeks the tip of the center board curled.

Laser Performance has to date denied any QC / design problem telling me that curling due to heat sensitivity of center board and that is what happens when left out in the sun. Laser Performance says because of this heat sensitivity, a paper is included along with the center board in every box.

Prior to purchasing, I read all literature, never any mention of this problem.

Dealer had already removed center board from whatever box it came packaged in as I also purchased Laser blade bag.

Has anyone experienced curling of their boards, or seen anything in print from Laser Performance warning of the potential for curling of center boards?


Rob B

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Yes. It is a very common problem. Do not leave the rudder or dagger board in your car or any area of high heat. Also store it flat. It has always been a problem.....