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Hi. I just inherited my dads boat. A Capri 14.2. The bungee that Keeps the centerboard down or let's it come up when too shallow....this broke from age. How do I replace? Does it have a specific name. I still have the clip but don't see where on the mainsail cleat it's supposed to attach. Does anyone have a picture of this apparatus? Thank you
IMG_3716.JPG IMG_3717.JPG The bungee attaches to the centerboard then goes to the stern where there's an eye for the clip to attach. You can simply buy some bulk bungee at a hardware store, attach one end to the board, the other to the brass clip to attach to the eye at the stern.
Mine is the same as above. The bungy on mine is ( loose) 6' long including room to make the knots. So that it does not stretch out too quickly, I unclip it off the transom when on the trailer.
How long is the bungee from clip at stern to knot at keel (relaxed length please), thank you very much.

OK thanks AI W but the 6 foot length you quoted wasn't working on my boat so I ended up searching for more discussion and found this post as was referenced from the the Capri 14 handbook shown and tabbed on the home page on this site:

"Look toward the top and you will see a tab titled “C-14 hand book”. Open this tab and go to drawing 140-34001-11. There you will find on the left hand side of the drawing a line called “Shock Cord” it shows a snap hook on both ends. This is the part you are looking for. Now look at the chart on the left hand side of the page. Go down to line 15 “C.B. Control”. This line provides the specifications for the bungee used to hold the center board down".

Looks like it is about 4 feet from eye to eye (and with the clip is possibly a bit longer like 4'1" to 4'2").
Wow, good info. If mine was 4'-2" there would be no spring left in the cord!
Not being a racer I like some good spring left case I hit bottom on my shallow in areas lake.
Happy sailing