Centennial Olympic Games-blue hull w/Seitech Dolly

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LAser.jpg IMG_9127.jpg laser-8302.jpg 1996 Laser with Seitech Dolly,blue. Blue top deck cover(canvas) and hull cover-not canvas (some kind of rubber coated canvas). Complete with Standard Sail. Needs new self bailer or just the bottom section. Sorry I don't have a good picture of it. It's in the garage with a little dust. Didn't go in the water last year. Looks like this one I found in the forum. photo credit Dan Depew.

Photos are at this Dropbox link since I could only upload one at a time and there are lots now.. I pulled everything out of the garage. It's looks good! There are two dings on the hull. One on the bow and another on the port side in the blue paint. The covers are not looking too good. One needs a serious cleaning and the other has some holes from critters, all cleanable and fixable.

Dropbox - LAser, Centennial olympics-Images

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