cenntenial olympic games??

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ok i've been to two back to back reggatas where i see these red lasers that on the hull say "cenntenial olympic games". well what are these and how come these people hasve the boats??
Does anyone now how they go about getting one of these boats .....say when the worlds are over next week. I imagine they'll be getting rid
of all those boats.


I know our club has boats from the 96 Olympic Games that where held in Savannah. We also have some of the avon boats they used as well. I have no idea how we went about getting them though...


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Actually, the "Centennial Olympic Games" Lasers were special editions sold to the general public during the '96 model year. They were available in red and blue. Anybody could walk into their nearest Laser dealer, plop down the cash, and walk away with a "Centennial Games" boat.

The actual boats used during the games were the same edition and were sold after the games. However, just because you see one out on the water it doesn't mean the boat was used in the Olympics (though it could have).

I personally thought the blue ones were pretty sharp, but the red ones weren't to my taste.