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Catfish For Sale Plainfield NY

signal charlie

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I'm sure ours is worth a lot more than $3500 :) Esp since the paper thin sail matches the faded hull. And it has never had Skipper as a Skipper.


I can't believe you didn't run out and buy it, we could have a regatta.

What interest me are the wood spars on the fiberglass Super Sailfish in the background of some of the shots.

Cheaper than a time machine? Actually that is about how much we paid for ours $500, shipping Schenectady to Navarre, FL $1800 (tip included) and her custom trailer $1200. So doing backwards math that boat should sell fo $500 unless there is a new trailer included.

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
Nice Catfish for sure and only an hour from me, but I agree with Alan, it’s overpriced.
Finding the correct Catfish badge will be like finding a needle in a haystack, but if anyone can do it you can, SC! I’d probably go for a Sunfish/Sailfish badge and have a story to tell- you never missed it before so a galloping horse wouldn’t mind :)

Alan S. Glos

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Signal Charlie,

What year do you think Catfish was born in? Let me know and will send you Sunfish badge for (close to) that year and if you ever have to register it with The Man, the serial number will suffice and you won't have to look at those pesky holes in the cockpit lip. No charge.

(Name Witheld to keep The Man off me)

signal charlie

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1965 was what I thought, but not sure why....wait, maybe that's the earliest I've seen advertising information for it.

Ah, Alan, I see what you mean about it being overpriced, they only cost $896 new.


Lookie, it stores in the garage. I can't rock those shorts though, they'd go down to my ankles.



Man, I got ripped off on my trailer too, I overpaid by $1058 USD.

ALC-12 Price List.jpeg

ALC-12 3 Versions.jpeg