Catalina's Responsiveness??


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Just a quick question to the forum about the level of responsiveness you all get when calling Catalina for parts/technical assistance.

I emailed Catalina parts and asked for some assistance. They kicked it up to techical, which gave asked me to supply some info, which I did, and I have never heard from them again, even after emailing the person who emailed me, and then sending another email to the original parts guy while cc'ing the techical guy. I have not heard a thing from either person in a month?

Is this typical from Catalina??

Anyone have a good contact to report this sort of stuff or is it just a waste of time??



Ed Jones

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It's been my experience that Catalina is fairly good, response-wise. The best guys to talk to are Kent Nelson in Engineering and Robert Butler in Parts. To send e-mails to them use their first names followed by

If you're still having problems go right to the CEO, Frank Butler. E-mail to [email protected]. He's very good at handling customer problems.


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Called last week, excellent response.

I called Catalina last week over my 15+ year old newly purchased used boat. They were great. They were able to tell me when my boat was built, what model year, who originally purchased the boat and what it was ordered with (of course all original stuff, boat cover, colored sails and whisker pole are long gone). They told me they would pull the file and call me back. They called me back in less than 2 hours. Overall, it was a very good experience.


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I've got to say that once I got in touch with the right person, things went very well when I ordered some new parts for my old boat.

Jeannette in another person you can talk to in parts. She was very helpful when I ordered new standing rigging and some other miscellaneous parts.

I received my new rigging in about a week from thbe time I ordered it.