Catalina 14.2 pricing

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I am negotiating the purchase of a Catalina 14.2 through a Catalina dealer. When buying a car one is able to find out dealer cost through various consumer sites. Does anything like that exist for boats in general or Catalina in particular?


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There is a NADA guide for boats. is a place to start. It is a bit of a puzzle to get to boats and do the process, but you might try that. Jim M
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Thanks that was a helpful reference. Although they didn't have any price info on recent model Catalinas due to lack of resale activity they did list the 14.2 and I did get pricing guidance for the sale of my 2005 V15.
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The current MSRP sheet that Catalina sent me lists the centerboard version at $5883. the sheet also lists the various option prices which I can give you if you want them. The local dealer is holding firm on that price.
Peter, Thanks for the info- wow, these things are more exensive than I nwould have guessed. Does that include roller furling or trailer?
Where abouts in the NW are you? I`m in Salem.
Peter, We just bought our 2002 14.2 a few weeks ago, in pristine condition, w/ furling and a galvanized trailer(also perfect), for $4200. At the time, I thought I probably paid too much, but condition is very important to me, so now at least I know it was considerably less than a new one, thanks to you!
I thought I might offer a test ride, but Bellvue would be a far piece of a drive.
Good luck and thanks again.

PS:Just a thought- a few years ago, I was dock walking on lake Union and there was a boat and kayak rental on the water(East side) and they had C14`s for rent I think, and some months later, at seasons end, they were selling some off.


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Lake Union

Interesting post Jane.
I grew up in the Wallingford District on the north side of lake Union and learned to sail there many years ago. I now live, and sail my Omega 14, on Hood Canal. My boat was restored to pristine condition, but booms get banged around, docks jump out and hit the boat, and so on. So life isn't perfect and at least I know where all the scratches came from!:rolleyes:. JIM


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Thanks for the Lake Union suggestion. I'll check it out. I missed one a few weeks ago on Craig's list in the Seattle area. A Capri 14.2 with trailer and outboard for $1000! I was the first caller, didn't go to see it right away and it sold the next day. From the pictures it looked good. Enjoy your new boat!
I did alot of shopping around before I bought my used 1990 14.2. One thing I found is that new AND used prices appeared to vary quite drastically depending on where you are at. Places on the coasts had boats going for dirt cheap, while up here in Minnesota there seemed to be a 20-30% premium. I'm guessing its just supply and demand at work. Not as many used boats in the area, so they command higher prices. I found the online pricing guides to be highly inaccurate for my neck of the woods.
Does $3,000 for a 1999 14.2 sound reasonable?

Hello - my first post and I'm in negotiation for a 1999 14.2 here on Vashon Island, Washington. We're nearly settling on a $3,000 deal - boat is in great shape with a trailer. Does this price sound in the ball park?


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If the sails are also in good shape (a big factor in my boat; they were not and I replaced the main), then I think that is a fair price. In fact I would estimate the value closer to $3650 in excellent condition. I saw a 2009 today for $4500. I paid $1100 for mine (1971 Omega but reconditioned and Hull and rigging in good condition.)
Hint: most boats are listed for 10 to 20% higher by brokers than they expect to get. I have always offered less. For example, the one I purchased was going to be listed for 1200 but I offered 1100 and they snapped it up. Offer $2700 cash and see what they come back with. No harm in asking. Good luck.
$3000 for a 1999 sounds good if the boat needs nothing. I think in a weak economy with questionable amounts of cash buyers, you should be in the drivers seat.
Just sealed the deal on a '98 Mod 3, 14.2. Pretty good condition, needs new standing rigging and a few things here and there (probably about $250 worth). Comes with both a trailer and a Seitech Beach Dolly. Paid 1750. Very excited

Also a brand new member here. I appreciate the forum and all the advice that I have been getting as I made my decision. Now I just need to sell my old ('72) Bayliner Buccaneer.

Mike, that's a good deal. I'm a total newbe to sailing but have had powerboats all my life and was pretty (& pleasantly) surprised how inexpensive good used Capri 14.2s are. I paid $1800 for a 1988 Mod 1 with trailer and good sails. I spent a couple of hundred on new lines and a motor mount and made my own cuddy hatch. I love the litte boat and its quality. I have a 1972 31 Bertram (and a 1962 13' whaler) and am a real hard sell on the crummy quality of most boats nowdays. The Capri is very well put together and finished and I love her lines, very pleasing....sort of like a 31 Bertram or a 13 foot Whaler. I drink the Kool-Aid....

When I was looking here on the Gulf coast the prices for 14.2s seemed to run about 1500 to 2500. It would be tough to lose a dime on one if its kept up half way decently. Just parking a few bucks, not spending it.

Thanks guys. I am excited (just as we end sailing season here in upstate NY). I am excited to get to work making her safe and sailable. Perhaps we'll have a nice Indian Summer to get her out in.

Anyone know where I might be able to get an owner's manual? Like to keep them around for reference

Mike - google up "Capri 14.2 owner's manual" and you will find one - it may not be for your model but they are all pretty much the same. North Sails has a Tuning Guide for the 14.2 online as well that I found really helpful for a beginner like me.