Catalina 14.2 Pre-Purchase Questions


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I'm looking at a Catalina 14.2 Mod 1, and I'm a bit concerned about the finish on the stern part of the boat. It seems to be peeling or coming up some way, maybe from the elements. I'm worried that the wrong type of paint may have been used or it may not have been prepared properly. Is this an easy fix, or should I pass on it? The seller wants $1,200, and everything else seems to be okay.


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Hard to tell from the picture, but could that simply be peeling paint?
If it was peeling gelcoat, it would be a millimeter or more thick and beneath you would see the fiberglass layup.
If it is just paint, don't worry about it. If the fiberglass/gelcoat layup is falling apart, you'd be taking on a project.
Mine has cracks in the gelcoat I don't worry about, but they aren't an entire surface like your picture. Plus I store it indoors, so I don't have issues with freezing water getting in there and making it worse.
Thanks for your help. The boat has been stored outdoors under a tarp cover, the paint issue is on the exposed stern section only as far as I can tell from the pictures. The location is mid-state Arizona at the snow line, so it does get somewhat cold but not the likes of the Midwest. I'll make sure to check for damage from freezing; rot, separation, etc. I'm new to boats, is it it normal to paint over a gelcoated fiberglass hull? I always believed the gelcoat was the finish.
People do it to older boats. Could be to cover up stains or to cover cracked gelcoat.
It looks like the interior is the original stuff, so you might have a point of comparison.