Cars that can trailer Lasers

Great question lasailing. I have no idea re those types of transmissions. My Tribute isn't a hybrid, so it has a standard 4 speed auto trans. I would say consult your owners manual for info on towing. As I understand it the gas engine in the tribute is a 4 cylinder (is that correct?). I may be reluctant to tow any thing with a hybrid given the cost of repairs and not knowing what the mfg says.

My miata is the MX-5 with the sportshift. I suppose I could tow with it. On the other hand, I once owned a Fiat 124 with a 1.4 liter engine and a 5 speed. I towed a heavier sailboat with it and never experienced any problems with the vehicle. So, given the minimal weight of the laser and a kitty hawk, I would think you would be OK with the Miata. That is unless you have a bunch of mods on it! Again, I would consult the owner's manual. Hope that helps.
actually a Kitty Hawk trailer weighs 100 lbs.
if you add a boat at 130 lbs, plus spars, seitech, blades in a carrier,
and even a spare tire. You're talking maybe 300 lbs.
any reliable small car could tow that. isn't the car actually towing the tongue weight anyway.
i mean its on wheels, right.

of course, this example is only for a Kitty Hawk. i know alot of trailers are double deck, or heavy modified models, or just homemade units. the weight can really add up.
i'm pretty confident that alot of compacts or subcompacts with auto or manual could easily
handle a laser on a Kitty Hawk trailer.
You should be ok towing, just remember you can't stop as fast. Add 3X the distance to stop. Don't get in hurry, but no need to go slow either.

I towed my Hobbie Cat 16 with a VW Scirocco from Colorado to Charleston SC with no issues back in the 80's and the Hobbie Cat has a lot more wind drag.

I would not recommend towing a sailboat with a motorcycle - I just remembered I towed my Hobbie Cat with my Yamaha DT 175 Enduro about 18 miles to the lake when I was 16. The trailer hitch was a rope.