carbon tiller extension marks my gunwales!

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I ve been noticing that my carbon tiller extension marks my gunwale when tacking, is it because the carbon is getting old? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks!
i dont think i would use wax, maybe some type of marine polish would work just as well. also, maybe tape over the spot on the tiller extension that its rubbing off and see if that helps


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My various extension's rubber tips have been makng marks for years. Long ago it was the black ball on the end of the Forespar adjustable (except I whacked it with a hammer to stop that fool thing's tendency to self adjust at the wrong time), Later it was the ball on the end of my aluminum tiller estensions and now I am pretty certain the black tip on my ACME Fattso make marks.

My defense has been polishing the deck so the black wipes off more easily. The alternative seemed to be stopping sailing so much and I didn't like that idea.
I don't think I've ever had this issue.

Try acetone, maybe or, if they're really bad and you're that worried about them, get some really fine wet sand paper and buff'em out.