Carbon Spar/s

rock steady said:
Your dropping the big news on this topic MURPHS, can you tell us how you know?
We have enough problems with what appears to be routine breaking of Aluminun top sections. Maybe the Aussie manufacturer doesnt have the skill and technology to do the carbon fibre rigs.

If there is the option for lighter sailors to be competive over a wider wind range I say go for it!

The results of racing should be based on sailor skill not weight!

Rob B

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Being a heavy sailor I find my weight is much more of a disadvantage considering the heavy wind days are much less common than medium wind range days. So to me the carbon takes away any advantage I might have the opportunity to enjoy. Upwind in heavy is the only time I get a chance to motor in the Laser. The lighter guys get it back downhill. So throwing carbon in WILL put emphasis on being a lighter weight sailor.


Rob B said:
So throwing carbon in WILL put emphasis on being a lighter weight sailor.
Yes, that's the idea, but for RADIAL sailors. I assume you are not a radial sailor if you're heavier. It's to even "the game" for light weight girls in the Olympics. I don't know what they will do without it. I'm wondering if Laser got the Olympic spot for the Women's single-handed dinghy with the idea that the carbon spar would be ready? It's certainly not too late for 2008, but some speculators may be holding their breaths.

I know some people are worried that the upper carbon will be used on the Standard rig, but it seems to me that it's being engineered for the Radial and it won't actually cross over very well. Look at the trouble they are having creating one for the Radial. If it can't take the force of a lighter rig, how could it possibly be used on the Standard? And even if they do get a usable one for the Radial, it doesn't mean that it will work at all on the Standard or even 4.7. The Radial operates quite a bit differently with its bendy lower section.

Just MHO.