Carbon or Aluminium?

I just bought a "laser brand" carbon tiller and instead of a cleat for the rudder tie down it has a nylon bullseye. Has anyone used this bullseye? If so, what is a good way to tie off the rudder that let's me release it easily?
Ive had a Laser 'gorilla' carbon tiller that came with the boat, but i find it sags down in the rudder stock and therefore snags on the cleat for the traveller, ive generally got used to compensating for this but has anyone got any suggestions for solving the problem?


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Hi Quagers,

This is notmally 1 of 3 things:

1) The rudder pintles on the boat are worn, easily fixed by wither turning them over or adding a small washer to the pin on the rudder.

2) The top of the rudder stock being out of shape and allowing too much slop whcih lets the tiller drop

3) The end of the tiller that goes in to the stock is worn

Not sure what you can do about 2 or 3 aside from try to carefully reshape the top of the rudder stock.