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Carbon Lower


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The composite radial lower was supposed to become class legal in september after the olympics were over, is this still when it will become legal or is it pushed back to not interfere with qualification for 2021?

Rob B

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I think they are class legal. However, they can't be used in Olympic sailing until the current cycle is over.


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Not legal before 1 September, until otherwise decided.

Several alternatives to how to proceed now: 1) the spar becomes legal as scheduled, now including the Olympics, 2) the spar becomes legal as scheduled, excluding Olympics + qualification regattas, 3) the legalization is postponed by a year, or 4) the legalization is moved up a few months.

The spar builder's Facebook post points to 1) or 4). From a legal perspective, 1) needs no new decisions. From a grassroots perspective, 4) would of course be the most sensible.