Carbon filler - pin hole worn through

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I have been given a few carbon tillers over time and each one has had the pin holes worn through so the tiller becomes loose.

I am back into sailing now and am wanting to use one. I have tried contacting some of the carbon places in Auckland but with no luck on a response yet, was hoping to get some extra sheets of carbon put over them.

What do you think my options are, I could glue it into the head so it’s permanent and stable. Or I could duct tape over it as I used that once for a loose roller and when wet it expanded and I could not get the tiller out. Seems like a good alternative so a fully permanent solution.




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The tiller is supposed to fit into the rudder head very tightly and be held in place by a very tight downhaul line. You shouldn't rely on the pin to keep it in; most top sailors don't use one at all. Glueing or other permanent attachment is illegal. Taping is ok but don't use duct tape but fibreglass tape, the same stuff you'd apply to the mast joint.
To fill the holes and re-drill, you can put baking soda in the hole and wet the baking soda with thin super glue. I will catalyze into a super hard plastic that can be drilled. Adding thickness to the area is easiest with carbon uni-web strips. The most common uni-web comes in .007 thick strips and is sold in hobby shops that sell R/C aircraft.
Dave Brown - CFTP Carbon Fiber Tape 12' - CFTP

This is similar, but I would check local hobby shops first.
Unidirectional Carbon Tapes - NZFibreglass
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Thank you Eddie, that seems like a great option and one which I think I will pursue. The aim is to get the fit almost perfect as currently there is a bit of play.