Carbon Fibre Top sections???

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Carbon Fibre Top sections???

Has this idea been voted in? Is this now leagal?

How much are they going to be?

Does anyone know?

I sore 4 of them on the weekend being delevered.

My only thought is this, if we are trying to reduce the effect on breaking sections is one thing (So long as everybody can afford it) because it needs to be addressed, or are we now just putting to much stress into a rig that simply was not designed for.

However it is going away from the One design thing and a laser is no longer a laser, which is cool because then I can use my Intensity sail and no one should get up set.

However I'm wondering if anyone has thought about the effect on a full rig sailed by a big sailor with a sail in which the design has not been changed to compensate for all the changes.

And if your mast has more flex in it, whould that mean you would then reduce the effect of depowering the sail as the sail could not be stressed as flat???

So I'm wondering after all that, should we then change the angle of the mast rake to compensate or should we just go back and sail the laser in the way it was first designed.

Some would say it was more responsive and easier to get under the boom back then, I know at least it was a dam sight cheaper and simple to rig

Just my thoughts.....
Woah!!! Calm down!

The carbon uppers are part of an evaluation for RADIAL ONLY that the class and the builders have been conducting for several years. Please refer to Ned Jones's column in The Laser Sailor for the last official word.