Capri Omega Wanted

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I'm looking for another Omega 14 in good condition. Must have white hull & white deck. Call (513) 755-8760, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Too bad your not in Texas! I have an Omega 14, 1984 model. It has a white hull but blue/white topsides. Original sails in good condition. Ready to sail. I have it listed locally but am not getting much traffic down here...don't really know why. I listed it for $1100. Am I off my rocker at this price?
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Omega Sale Ad

I have white hull/red cockpit now. I'm looking for everything white. For your local ads try listing under "Capri 14". I don't think your price is necessarily bad, depending on the condition. A white/light blue Omega sold in Manville, Texas for around $1,100. Be patient.
Capri Omega 14' in Corpus Christi, Texas

This isn't a Capri 14.2 its the precursor, the Omega 14'. I'll send a few pictures to you if you send your email address. The boat is in very good condition. With a little wax I think the topsides would look like new. The sails are original white w/ the correct 2032 (hull number) markings on them. They are in good shape w/ no rips in them. I also can't find any repairs to the sails at all. The three fiberglass battens for the main are intact. I sailed this boat 2 months ago and it sailed beautifully. I have a 3 year old daughter I thought would like the boat but she's a little young yet.
I am in Corpus Christi. The boat is wet in the photos. This was not to hide any condition but I wanted to wash it before taking the photos so I just took them while it was still wet. If you want some dry photos of the hull I could easily do that for you.
Anymore questions after you see the photos let me know.