Wanted: Capri/Catalina 14.2 SF Bay Area Buy or Rent

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Hello, new member here. I'm looking for a 14.2 with trailer that is road and sail ready in the SF Bay Area, I would like to spend around $1,200 give or take a few hundred depending on condition, year, extras.

A short term option is if anyone in the area is willing to rent me their 14.2 for the labor day weekend (Friday - Sunday) that would also be great. A bunch of friends are renting a house boat on New Melones for the weekend and I thought it would be a fun addition. I'm an experienced sailor, I have sailed all over the SF bay and delta, owned a 1995 C30 for 2 1/2 years, a C13 for 1 year, and have sailed a Cal 34, Santana 22, and an FJ.


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Found a boat, need sails

I bought a 1987 14.2 this weekend. It came with no sails because someone stole the old ones off the boat.

So, I need to replace them with used or new. If I go new, what is the favorite sail maker for the 14?

Also, I am thinking about upgrading the roller furling, any thoughts?