Wanted: Capri 14 mast


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boat mast

I did a search and found a place that sells extruded aluminum mast material by the foot. They stocked the 2 inch eliptical that your looking for.
I can't remember the site, but search under "sailboat masts", it'll show up.
They were reasonable in price too.
You will have to rig it yourself, (duplicate the factory set-up), but the mast tubing itself was available by the foot and cheap.

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Thanks for tip

Thanks for the info. I think Dwyer Mast looks most promising. Also I found out that Catalina itself can send the spar or the complete mast. Thanks for help!

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Mast and boom

Really? I am still in the market. What are you asking? I'd love to get a used one instead of a new one from Catalina.

The status of my boat s up in the air for the next couple of weeks. I'm 99% sur it will be totalled. If so I may have a mast, boom, and sails for sale. I will let you know. If your still in the market when I find out for sure maybe we can work something out. I am located in Ohio.