Capri 14.2 vs. Lido 14

there used to be some fleets here, mostly Prindle and Nacra. There is only pleasure sailing, but some of my friends have discussed getting organized.
Meanwhile I'll be in San Diego in two weeks for a ride on a sled.
fair winds,
Time of year

well... it is frozen and covered in ice from november to april, may and june are chilly and breezy, july, august, and early september are warm but light and shifty, oct-nov are cold and windy.
Lido vs Capri

When I picked up my '86 14.2 earlier this year, I had my brother in law go with me on my maiden cruise. Being a very able small craft sailor I thought it apt that he help rig and pilot the Capri through its courses including a capsize drill. The boat of choice that he sails twice a week is a Lido 14. Needless to say he was very impressed with the Capri's performance. At the top of the list was the Capri's stability, cockpit room, head clearance, high point ability and a really big checkmark for how high the Capri set out of the water when capsized. I had installed a Hobi mast float and when the boat tipped over the cockpit stayed dry. I had a fear of water getting into the forward hatch but not to worry, it was a good three feet or so above the water line. In my younger days I used to skip around in various size hobi's testing the limits but these days im complacent with something a little tamer and dryer. The Capri really fits the bill as it is a great little craft.......