Wanted: Capri 14.2 Sails (Need Jib will consider both)

Wow....I heard about that but had NO IDEA that it caused that much damage at Santa Barbara Harbor. I just got a 14.2 - are there any/many that race down your way? I'm in Paso Robles, sail in Morro Bay and Port San Luis as well as local lakes.


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Hi Charlie
Yeah pretty crazy stuff. Mine was on an immovable trailer and needed some work. Spent the last 9 months rebuilding the trailer and refurbishing. This was going to be my second time putting her in the water. Have had her for 20 years used a lot when I lived in L.A. I’m aware of 2 other owners in the area but don’t know them, Also UCSB has a sailing center for students and they use Capri 14.2. I get to Moro Bay now and then but don’t bring the boat. Maybe after I replace the sails and the shrouds that were ripped out during the storm.