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Wanted: Capri 14.2 Racing Sails

Richard Beytagh

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I'm looking to buy either a new set or good condition racing sails (white) for my Capri. I would like to buy North but they are too expensive. Does anyone have a good used set of North Sails or can recommend a good sail maker that does not charge an arm and a leg?


Prime Time

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I have an almost new jib available although I would not label this as a racing jib but would be good in an area that has a little heavier wind. If interested see my ad and let me know.

I have sailed against Scott Finkboner in the nationals and he seems to do well with his sails. I believe his number is 619-222-8788. Scott is also the National C14.2 Champion Gold Class and a sail maker from San Diego.

I bough used set of racing sails from Quantum for about $1000.00. They were made for the nationals and used only one weekend just to give you an idea of what is available.
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