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Capri 14.2 part out - damaged hull, not seaworthy


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Sails sold, but there are other goodies that you might be interested in...
most of the hardware, rudder, boom vang, custom mast holder hardware for towing, plexi hatch cover, shroud spreaders and more...

willing to make a package deal, just let me know what you need


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Sorry to hear your hull is damaged- hope it happened on the trailer rather than on the water. I'm interested in all of your running rigging if it's in really good shape. The image of what appears to be the mainsheet looks fairly new- are all the lines like that? I'll also take the blocks that go with the mainsheet if the price is good. I'd also like the plexiglass hatch cover and the hiking straps if those are also in good shape. If you prefer, you can reply to mikegaspari815@gmail.com. Thanks.


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Can you show more about how they reinforced the area under the mast step. One of our Sea Scouts accidentally drove our Capri mast into a tree demasting it and breaking the wood.


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I am interested in the starboard jib car and cleat assembly. I don't need the tracks, just the car and cleat.


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Hey, thanks for replying. I finally found mine after like a month of looking. Thanks. My club has a fleet of 14.2s in various states of repair, so I bet I'll be revisiting this thread eventually.