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Capri 14.2, New Scott Racing Sails, Galv Trailer, AZ


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Hi - I purchased a Mod 1 Capri for the summer and our lake blew up (Tempe Town Lake) I would like to sell her now since my old boat is now out of the shop and will be sailable by the time the lake is repaired and filled some time in November.

She is Cupcake - apparently a successful racer in the area around San Diego. She is in perfect condition - except for the hatch which could use some tlc, but works fine as is.

Included is:
- 1987 Boat with all the standard stuff
- Galvanized trailer in good condition
- Battle Stick tiller extention
- Whisker Pole
- NEW mast (TTL Mast eating boom strikes again)
- NEW standing rigging
- NEW running rigging
- NEW Scott Racing Sails
- Older set of Quantum racing sails
- EXCELLENT Mastup/down cover.

I will be in SD over labor day weekend, so I can deliver if you are interested.

Pics at: http://picasaweb.google.com/AZExpedition/Cupcake#

$3000 for everything. $2200 for all except the Scott Sails.


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Interested in viewing

Have you returned from San Diego with Cupcake? If so, I'm VERY interested in seeing her. Are you in Tempe?