For Sale: Capri 14.2 Mod 1

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I have a late 80's Capri 14.2 for sale asking $1100. She can go out on the water as she sits but she is a little rough around the edges. Bought her a few years back with the intention of fixing her back up but kids came along and just don't have the time. Would love to see her go to someone who wants get her back to shipshape. I have replaced most of the rigging lines over the years and done some minor work. She is missing the rubrail and hiking straps. She comes on an old powerboat trailer which needs new lights (I have a wiring kit that goes with and I plan on replacing the tires before selling if at asking price). Mast is straight and boom is in good condition. Jib is in good condition, main is for the most part too but does need a couple of minor repairs. Thanks for looking! Text is best 8(5+1=)5 323 707sixer

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Is your boat still available? We have 2 daughters and are teaching them how to sail. Teaching them how to care for and appreciate the boat at the same time would be a bonus!