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For Sale: Capri 14.2 Mod 1


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I have for sale a Mod 1 Capri 14.2. It is a 1987. All new standing rigging, only running rigging not replaced is the Jib Sheets and Jib Halyard. Boat sails well. Boat is in good shape but could use spar varnish and a good wax.
Boat includes trailer but will consider reducing price if trailer is not needed.

Also, I have a second boat that is also a Mod 1 with some damage to the transom and is missing the hatch door, drain plug, Mast, standing rigging, running rigging, and miscellaneous shackles. . I have used this as a parts boat and it will be a great resource to be included with the 1987 for a group price we can discuss if interested in both boats. As stated it is not in sailable condition as is but with a little work and $ can easily be made so.

Please respond here if you are interested or would like pics/ to see the boat.

Thanks again,



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Nick -- would you be interested in selling one of the masts? I have a Mod 1 that is mast-less. Please let me know. John Mark