Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

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Attached is a PDF of the 1986 owner's manual for the Capri 14.2 (Mod 1).

It has been resized so that it fills a letter sized page when printed. The original was about five by eight.

The previous owner of my 1987 Capri thoughtfully sent the original booklet to me after finding it while cleaning his garage. Would have been handy that first weekend on the water. :)

27 Sep 2009 - The attachment download link was reported to not be working on this date. I tried uploading a fresh copy but it still would not download when I tested it. I then placed a copy of the manual on my website at the URL below.

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Catalina 14.2 Owners Manual - Thanks !

Thanks for posting the owner's maual.

I also have a 1986 model.

It is helpful to have a copy of a 1986 model.
Capri 1986 manual

So thats what my rigging is supposed to look like:) Thanks for the file it will help my newbies (grandchildren) learn the "ropes" of sailing.....
Thank you

Thank you so much for this pdf. I have owned my Capri for just over 28 hours and I am sure this will help me to make it right. I am not sure of the year of mine but it appears to line up with this era.
Serial number

Rayhas, I dont know if this is correct or not but it just so happens that the last two digits of the serial number stamped into the outside upper right corner of my transom happens to also be the year it was made (86). There may be something there, I'm not sure.
Serial number

I suspected as much. Mine ends in 87. The previous owner didn't have a clue. Does anyone know who was the manufacturer in 87?
1987 manufacturer

I'm thinking it was Catalina. If you research some of the past post, searching through the forum topics, you will find a wealth of knowledge including the history of the Capri line. Be prepared to spend some time though as reading these can be addictive :)

I'm a newbie. My newly acquired 14.2 looks to be serial no. 8, from 1983. Guess that's an early one? The manual is a great help. The boat and sails are in good shape but the boat needs cleaning and in particular the bottom needs prep and repainting. I'll be sailing in fresh water. Any product suggestions for the bottom work?
VC bottom prep

You will find that the "Search" option at the top of the page will give you many of the answers you ask for. If you search "bottom paint" or a simular search word you will get quite an assortment of solutions......Good luck in your quest....
Hi all, as of yesterday, I'm the proud new owner of 1986 hull #1058.

The link in the original post does not work - it throws a database error. Could this possibly be corrected or could the PDF be posted alongside the handbook in the document root of the site?