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Wanted: Capri 14.2 Mast & Sails


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Hey ya'll,

I have a 14.2 that we had a bunch of fun sailing around Pensacola Bay. It's been a blast and generally everything is in good shape. The one exception is the mast is flared out about 2 ft from the top. If we aren't paying attention the sail will come out of the mast slot when raising the sail.

This isn't a super big issue except I'm interested in doing something like the "Texas 200" with this boat. Taking or shaking a reef and having the sail unexpectedly come out would suck on a longer sail, particularly if a squall was coming in.

If someone's wanting to get rid of a mast, let me know!

Also, our sails are pretty worn out and I'm too cheap to pay $1700 for a new main and jib, but would be willing to upgrade if someone had a nicer pair for not-to-much.