Capri 14.2 mast needed

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I am the Vice Commodore of Lake Townsend Yacht Club. Our Club in partnership with the City of Greensboro, NC offer sailing classes during the summer. We have 3 Capri 14.2 for the classes. In February, a wind storm came through and tore the mast clear out of one of the boats when the shroud gave way. alas the mast is nolonger functinaly. I am looking to pruchase a used mast, or new.....
Need mast.

I too am in need of a mast for my Capri 14.2. If you determine where to obtain one I would appreciate learning as well. I thought I saw that someone was giving a mast away recently, however I cannot find that message now.
If I find a place to purchase masts I will gladly let you know.