Capri 14.2 mast foot repair

Congratulations on the Vagabond!!!! Yep, just kidding about racing and I fully understand the joy of "just for fun" sailing. My curse, one of many, is that I can't resist competition; if I see another sailboat I can not resist the urge to go faster, just my thing. I have raced just about anything that will move for my entire life and loved every minute of it; sail boats, hydroplanes, power boats, airplanes, cars, all types of motorcycles, etc. My curse should not apply to anyone but me and a few other guys that are perhaps nearly as messed up as I am:confused:.

Enjoy and have a great sail;):)
yep, great sport - something for everyone... FYI, I have and fly a Stearman and love aerobatics. Drag, laminar flow, parasitic all that stuff means little in that old plane; fact is, it is pretty much all drag. Guess that is why I work so hard to eliminate drag and such inthe C14 - just because it is possible and I can:rolleyes:
Stearman - very beautiful indeed - Radial Engines even more beautiful .... and yes, with all that cable bracing = plenty of drag .... still, don't think I'd be able to catch you in a CGS Hawk Ultralight :cool:
I just bought a 1986 capri 14.2 and am excited! I noticed that the screws that hold the stainless steel mast foot are loose and the wood is a little decayed. What is the best way to repair this area? I want to be ready for the spring/ summer sailing season.! This is my first sailboat in 30 years ( had a hobie cat back in the early 80s) Thanks!
On my 14.2, which I recently bought and restored, I drilled out the old holes, filled them with epoxy, and let it set. Then I simply drilled new screw holes and screwed down the mast step using the same sized screws as the old ones. Why do something so simple? As far as I know, the original design allowed for the mast step/base to pull out from the deck in case of a de-masting; the original screws were set into a type of releasable epoxy, which would be way better than having the fiberglass ripped out, yes? It's working fine, as I had her out in high winds this weekend; a great ride:). If you have wood rot, replace the block of wood.