Capri 14.2 hull decal

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In making an attempt to completely re-polish my 1988 Mod 1 hull, I scrapped off my old hull registration numbers and the two "Capri 14.2" decal. I thought I could just easily order a new set of decals from Catalina for the now newly polished hull. Low and behold the Catalina customer service department denies knowing what one of these mysterious decals might look like. If someone out there with a similar year Mod 1 hull has or could take a digital close up picture of their Capri 14.2 decal for me, I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Contact me through this forum and I will provide you with my home e-mail address.
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How did you install it? Looks like bolts near the centerline and lag screws to the outside would work. With my wife's partial disability a ladder would be a good investment.

(I've been out a few days sick).