capri 14.2 for sale in Ohio

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I sold my Capri today!! Thanks to everyone who asked me about it.

I am selling my Capri 14.2. This boat is a 1987 and is in great shape. I bought it from an older guy who bought it new and only used (dry sailed) it for a few years before storing it inside his garage for most of its life. I think that the number of times that this boat has been sailed is very few. Because of the light use and indoor storage this boat looks great. I tried to sell this boat last fall (not the best time to sell a boat) and had a bunch of people interested but none of them came to see it. If You want a used Capri and you come to see this boat I think that you will buy it. It is a nice boat. E-Mail me at

I had this boat listed on this forum last fall and posted photos of it then if you want to go back and look at them. I would like to get $1800 for this boat. Thanks
I live in Kentucky, but am willing to come and look at your Capri. What is your asking price, and what is the condition of the boat?
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This boat is in very good shape. I am asking $1800 for the Capri. If you go to the Capri 14 web page and search for "Capri for sale in Ohio" you will see some photos of it that I posted last fall when I tried to sell it. Let me know what you think.