Capri 14.2 Dolly

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I'm trying to track down a dolly for my 14.2.....used or reasonably priced new one. So far it looks like the Seitech model 420 is best suited for the 14.2...although at approx $400's a bit more than I want to spend. Are there other dolly manufacturer's out there? Would appreciate any leads or recommendations. Thx.
I've never used a dolly with the 14.2 but it seems to me that the boat might be too heavy. I'd be careful about handing over any money until you know for sure.

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We had a Capri 14.2 owner use a dolly for awhile. It worked fine for him, but I tried to move it once and it was a bit of a struggle for me. Of course I'm 68 and only weigh 130 pounds...
Seitech Dolly for 14.2

I have used a Seitech for 5 seasons. Not sure of exact model number - I went with their specification for boat.

Yes it is expensive - however - it is very well designed. Goes together easily every time - I dismantle at least once or twice a year. All hardware nickel? plated - really a nice piece of work.

I use the dolly to haul boat in and out of beach on lake Michigan. (Private beach - just leave the boat on the beach most of the summer on the dolly 30 feet from shore). In very light waves/gradual slope at shore I can pull it myself. In soft sand I can pull it myself. However, usually I have someone - anyone - help me pull it out of the water.

I got the "big wheel" version - due to intended use on sand. I'm sure it would be easy to pull on prepared road.

Weathers well, durable, very fit for its purpose.

Conclusion - I'm happy with it. I recommend it. Since I started using it 3 other boats at my beach have got them.

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Thanks for the helpful info. I'll keep my eyes open for a used Seitech (hoping to save some $$$ for new sails!).....if worse comes to worse, I'll spring for a new one.