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Capri 14.2 1998; roller jib; cover; trailer; Mission Bay.


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Though the boat was manufactured in 1998, the boat is practically new. I bought the boat in the spring of 2002, and it appeared as if the boat had never been sailed. None of the lines or sails were rigged, and they all appeared crisp and new. I sailed the boat maybe 6 times that summer, then stored the boat in a barn until this summer.

I am in Sacramento but, I am going to be in San Diego July 5th, and taking my S26RK up to Lake Huntington for the High Sierra Regatta July 9-10, 16-17. I will probably be going back to San Diego on July 19th, and be there until around August 4th.

Feel free to call at 530-635-1522


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Dear Monty: Tell 'em it's sold!

Are you still planning to be in San Diego on Tuesday? Maybe we can get together this week, if your mom can mail the paperwork to you.

--Dave E. [inchworm@san.rr.com]