Canada top Laser nation!!

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didn't realize what I was starting. I started this thread to herald an accomplishment I was proud of, and mud-slinging ensues! I for one agree with Rock Steady. We need to be nationally minded and proud of our sailors to raise awareness of this sport. I was around when you could read about the Canada's Cup and the America's Cup in the sports pages in Toronto. You would even get the occasional mention of a sailing medal at the Olympics! Now, even though we have world class sailing athletes here, there is no public expression of support or interest. The fleets are WAY smaller than when I first raced Lasers in 1970, and the number of good dingy fleets (Fireballs, Fins, Wayfarers) is down to two; Lasers and Albacores. I don't know why we have lost so much ground, but what a shame for such a beautiful sport to be loosing its way here.
speakin of olympics does anyone know what the qualifiers for the us trials will be- id imagine it be something like top 15 in us champs, na's, pcc's, and then a last chance event???