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Can anyone help me identify my Sunfish?

Today I discovered my vin number or identification number of my Sunfish underneath some tape. Is there a way to tell from what year my boat is?


beldar boathead

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US made boats and I think those imported to the US have to follow a certain standard (and it may be a global standard these days.). My guess is your boat was made by Ten Cate in Europe and isn’t following the current standard. If you can figure out when Ten Cate made Sunfiah you could narrow it down.
Thank you very much guys. This helps a lot. So, I probably have a 40 year old Sunfish! Ofcourse this is not a problem. Yesterday, I was sailing side by side with a big modern sailing boat. And even though I was sailing at the leeward side, I was going a lot faster and overtook the other boat with a lot of surprises faces leaving behind me :D