Can anyone confirm this is a 420?

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I got this boat for free and yes it will be project boat. It looks to me like a 420 but it has a differnet fore deck from what I am seeing on the current 420 related websites. I suspect this was a very early model/design. There is no serial number so pre-1972 most likely. No sails so insignia is not the place for clues. The centerboard and rudder were home made and while the centre board may work, I think the rudder profile is all wrong. If anyone has info on what the rudder should look like, that would be appreciated. I have the mast and boom which are in reasonable shape. There are no spreaders or mounting holes where they would have been, which I thought odd. No trapeze or spinnaker gear. Some other bits are missing but easily replaced.


Could be a collegite 420. They would have no trap and no spin. Just bare bones main and jib. And most programs never had the boat class insignia.