Can a Radial sailor sail/race an OK dinghy?

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Hi there,

I may have a chance to sail an OK dinghy. But am concern whether a 50kg Radial sailor like me can sail and race in an OK dinghy.

Thought of trying something new.

Anyone any idea? :confused:

the "OK"-Dinghy has 8 squaremeters for the sail, weights about 72 kilograms, a length of 4 meters and a maximum-breadth of 1,42 meters. She is designed by K. Ohlsen and has a common centerboard (not a keel).

I guess, this dinghy is a bit to big for a 50 kilo Radial sailor in winds over force 4-5. In lower winds, perhaps, you can race her successful.

Hope that helps a bit.