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Can a cut-down Standard section work as a 4.7 bottom section?


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Hi all. Our little club is running short of 4.7 bottom sections, but I have a bunch of broken Radial and Standard ones. Does anyone know how well a cut down section works with a 4.7 sail for beginners? Is a cut-down Radial bendier, or would the sleeve just make it as stiff as the Standard section when cut down?

I can experiment with bending a section to give the mast the right rake, but beginners are not going to sheet in fully any way.
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From what I've seen on this forum, there is some sort of difference (not just the bend) of the two sections. I think it's a wall thickness thing. However, I'm always one to save a buck and if it's for a beginner, and you have a spare full lower to destroy..... Why not! :)


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The 4.7 lower section is the same as the Standard, only shorter and pre-bent. You could try to make them by cutting down Standard lowers; the trick is how to get that bend right (I have no idea :confused: ).

The Radial lower is very different so you can forget about re-purposing those.