Calling young sailors around the bay of islands !

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Hi all,

We are activating our locator beacon to see if any of our own species come to our aid.

Seems like most yatch owners are way past the retirement age, dont get me wrong, senior sailors are fantastic and charmy people, they have plenty of company as they are the dominant age group. They got the time and most of them have the means to stay for weeks to end looking at the landscape.

Seems we are part of a exotic breed of sailors, under 40 with no kids, working 9 to 5 and heading to the boat during a good weekend only. We are keen to go places, free dive, climb, walk, jump of that cliff, manage our holidays, and now keen to meet other people "on the same boat" give us a text if you are keen for new adventures areound the east coast of the north island.
This is what I have in mind:

Meeting before a trip planning our rute, wait for the right weather window and have a blast at sea.

Offer company and support while under way. Stay in radio contact.

Camp on islands. Dive or free dive for a meal, bbq or bonfires at night.

Perhaps meet in our destination, we are very flexible.

We are not really interested in racing nor the endless ours at the pub talking sailing, we would like to get in touch with like minded people.

I still have hope.

CAV32JOSH clear and listening on this channel.