C14.2 Rigging through the years

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I am shopping for a C14.2 and I am curious if the rigging design has changed much through the different "mods." My friend is selling a 1994 model and he told me he didn't think it had boom vang or cunningham adjuments on the main sail. Yet, every discussion of rigging I have seen (including the 1982 drawings) show both a boom vang and cunningham and specifications for the appropriate lines to use for each.

I'm hoping to learn a little more about racing and sail trim by buying this boat, so these would be good things to have. Thanks in advance for all info.
- Dave ...
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Sorry, I might not have been clear what my questions were:

1. Has the rigging changed between mods?

2. Specifically, would people expect that a 1994 boat come with vang and cunningham?

(My friend's boat is in storage and he only sailed it a couple times.)
One of the things you will learn early in your sailing experience is you cannot trim sails properly without a Boom Vang and a Cunningham as well as an out hall and all of the other neat little lines that allow you to shape your sails for maximum performance. I can not imagine newer c-14.2s downgrading to the point that sail control is impossible leaving me to assume that the owner of the boat in question either lost the two pieces or failed to purchase them in the first place. Either way, in my humble opinion, you must have all of the running rigging in place if you plan to sail the boat especially in competition. The Cunningham and Boom Vang are comparatively cheep when you consider the price of the boat. Good luck!
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Thanks, Jim. I really have been seeing the effects of these types of adjustment in our recent races. While cruising on rental boats, it's not such a priority.

Like I said, I haven't seen any examples of the boat without those two items in the rigging, but my buddy said he didn't remember them being included. I am probably just going to ask him to run by the boat and check it out.

if they are not included, is that something that can be added without too much trouble?
Pretty simple addition; I suspect five minutes assuming the hardware as already attached to the boom and mast which I feel confident it is. I will get a couple of pictures and get back with you.
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Hey Jim, my friend verified that his boat does have the boom vang and cunningham. Thanks. I just need to verify the storage situation at the lake and I'll probably be owning my first boat.
Good to hear you located the parts. Hope you get the boat soon and get started in the wonderful world of being the master of your own sailing vessel:D