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Bzzz Mainsheet - Group purchase - USA


Trying to guage how many people would be interested in going in on a group purchase of 8mm Bzzz line (8mm is just a touch larger then the 7mm Rooster line and provides more comfort to the hands when the breeze is above 10 kts)

The cost per 46' would be $25 including ground shipping in the 48 US states. (The spool would be cut into 46' lengths to keep it simple)


Just a heads up to those thinking about it - We will get 13 mainsheets from the spool - 4 have already been spoken for (including Mudi and those who have PM'd me) so 9 are available.


I have the line now, I will be contacting everyone shortly that have already requested one.

I still have a few more available, if interested, please reply here or send me a PM.



good choice in mainsheets! I bought one of these from APS a month or so ago, and although everyone teases me about it's striped nature, it is lightweight and never tangles, and goes well through blocks. I just couldn't handle the rough rooster 7mm anymore.

I don't want anymore, but just wanted to speak up!


Just so it's clear, that 22.99 from Intensity does not include shipping - for the sheets I have been sending out, shipping has been avg around $5.00 so I'm selling the 46' mainsheets for $20.00 not excluding shipping


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I have the 8mm in stock now. I usually sell it in 44' lengths but can do 46' for those who want it. I have the 7mm here;


I can do the 8mm at the same $22.99 for 44' if anyone is interested. I personally prefer the 7mm.
Why don't you crawl back into your hole and let 49208 sell a few mainsheets and recoup his money that he has laid out instead of trying to make an extra buck at every opportunity..Guys like you give a bad name to the marine industry..


Thanks to everyone that has purchased one already

As of this morning, I have two mainsheets left, first come first served.

For those who have purchased, don't forget to do a wash/rinse prior to using, otherwise the sheet will be kinda slippery until all the manufacturing residue has come off. More info here:


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The 8 mm is my choice. Unfortunatly I have about 300 feet left on my roll of 7mm. If you want the skinny stuff come sail the Easter Laser regatta and pick one up at the same price I am charging everybody else who walks in.
Yes by Easter I will also be stocking 8mm...and any other lines a Laser should need and lottsa other stuff like spare socks and shorts and t shirts..Wait that for me to use...

No I am not gonna ship any. Just get your butt down here for the Easter regatta.