By the lee


Upside down?
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Good eye, Beldar. I was unable to watch that long (the video will not be on my 'favorite' list, to say it nicely)
My observations:

This is a really good sailor, quite aware of shifts etc., but the video doesn't address the topic of this thread, which is Sailing By The Lee.
What I did see was

Sailor is faster than most of the others in the light breeze
Downwind he gets an overlap to leeward of other boats, gains rights, and passes them
Close to the mark, he gets an overlap entering the zone, which gives him rights as well
He is more polite on the water than is typical (good for him!)


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Based on what I can see of the wind pattern on the water, the first two minutes of the video shows all of the downwind sailors sailing with tillers straight, boards raised, and by the lee:

Fullscreen capture 952017 64503 AM.bmp.jpg