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Buying used J24 for "cheap".... need info


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Hello all! I was recently made aware of a J24 that someone has more or less abandon at my local marina due to their lack of sailing knowledge. The current owner an the marina both want to get rid of it so I've been offered to pay the owners unpaid dues of $1500 and take it off their hands. To me, this seems fairly cheap for a J24. I am aware of a few issues with fiber glass. The starboard side of the fore deck has about 5 different soft spots/cracked skin that eventually need to be repaired. Also, most of the interior needs to be redone. My question is whether or not it is worth it. The boat (as far as I can tell) is a 1983. Does anyone know what these sort of repairs would cost to do myself? Also, would the boat be sailable as is or would these soft spots need immediate repair? As you can probably tell, I am a newbie to the class, and larger boat sailing in general. So, any info on it is very helpful. Thanks!
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From a monetary perspective only, I would not pay $1500 to take it off their hands without knowing more about how much it will cost to repair and make it sail-able. Pics of the boat and areas of concern would help others on the forum decide how much time, effort, and money could be involved. What is the marina going to do with the boat if the owner does not fork over the dough? If it will cost the marina $500 to basically junk it, then to me, it's only worth the $500. The owner sounds desperate to get out from what is owed to the marina, the marina just wants their money owed, hope you are not the sucker they are looking for. I think you can negotiate a better deal, which will go towards the repairs. Not too many people wanting to repair or take on an 83 J24 project. Just my opinion.


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Well if its costs them $500 to junk it then offer them to pay you $250 towards your first months marina fees. You are not responsible for outstanding fees that's their problem. All you need to do is be the best deal for them.... Really if they discount you $500 off your marina fees and you pay say the first two months in advance they should be happy......