Buying a used sailboat, help!

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Howdy folks,
I am in the process of looking for and buying a used sailboat, I could really use some help.
I found one on Craigslist that seems to meet my want and needs but short of having an expert with me when I go to see it I am not sure what to look for when I see it in person.

I've been reading online about some of the most common things to look for but I don't want to miss a thing.
My biggest question is how do I determine a used sailboats Blue Book Value, this way I will know if the owner has it over priced or not.
It's a 1975 Pearson 26' Sailboat said to be in "super nice condition". They are asking $6,500.
Here is what the ad says:

"Up for sale is my 1975 Pearson 26' sailboat. This is an amazing boat and very easy to single hand. Comes with main sail, working jib, storm jib and 170 Genoa. In the last year, all the lines have been replaced, the non-skid surfaces were repainted with high quality marine top side paint and a professional quality bottom job was done using top quality barrier and ablative paints. Comfortably sleeps 5 people. This boat sails like a dream and is blue water worthy. With a 4' 4" draft it easily navigates the grand canals and inter-coastal waterways. Currently docked in " " and DOES NOT come with a trailer".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
There are lots of things to watch for when looking at a used boat. One big thing I've run into on craigslist is people that don't have the titles to the boat they are selling. Be very careful of that and ask to see the title before giving any money over. Another big issue is hull delamination. If the boat is in the water you won't be able to tell if this is a problem. It's best to have the boat hauled before committing to purchase. However, for that price range, when it costs around $1000 for hauling, cleaning and returning to the water, it is often not worth it.