Wanted: Buying a used C14.2

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Folks, First day on the Forum!

I've been wanting to buy my first sailboat for years. I'm now 52. Before never had the time or money with the kids growing up (wife would have left if I ever said I wanted to buy a $1000's sailboat). The Catalina 14.2 seems to be a good place to start and re-learn how to sail.

There is a Cat 14.2 in the water at the New Hampshire lake I go camping at. The hull registration says 2005, so I know they have never sailed this boat in the past 4-5 years. It looks like its in OK shape, but they have removed (and I assume they have stored away on land) everything but the hull. There is no mast, rudder, tiller, centerboad, shrouds, sheets, or lines on this boat. But a few years ago when I briefly spoke to the owner it was rigged for sailing (see attached photo from 2005'ish).

Assuming they have all the "stuff", and assuming it hasn't sailed in 5 years, what should I be cautious of in offering a price for this boat? I assume the sails are old..could they dry out, crack being in storage this long? If the hull has been in the water year-round (I don't know that it has but want to figure worst case) what damage or missed maintenace should I expect? It doesn't seem to leak, but the drain cock is open on the stern to let rainwater out.

I'm thinking of offering $500 for the whole boat, assuming they have the mask, sails, rigging, rudder, tiller, etc. I'm assuming no trailer. Does this sound right?

My next question will be, if hull is OK, but just needs scraping, sanding and new coat, how would I go about getting a new set of sails for her...approx. how much $.

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Is that boat a centerboard version or a fixed keel? I think condition depends most on the value of a boat. Make sure you thoroughly check it out. My boat had some small blisters and the wooden stringers were rotten as well. It took me about $500 doing all the work myself to fix the problems.

A new set of sails, if I rememeber correctly, was about $6-700 for main and jib from Catalina. Other groups such as north sails were looking for as much as $1000 for the set. You may be able to find some used sails if you search hard enough. Before I ever bought that boat I'd pull it out of the water and inspect the bottom. If it's been sitting in the water all these years no telling how many problems it has. I bought my boat knowing about most of the problems it had. Maybe my experiences can help you look for problem areas. GL with buying a Capri. They're a blast to sail. If you have any more questions shoot me an e-mail at o2bsailin@gmail.com
The picture looks nice. New parts are expensive. Unless you can get all the rigging and all the parts I would not pay much. Best to get an estimate on parts needed before making any deal. I bought mine is great condition on E-bay for $1500 complete with trailer. I have seen some pretty good deals recently and with the season ending you should find something. I have seen recent sales for as little as $600 with trailer, but the average has been closer to $1200. I have also seen several people selling parts. I recommend you be patient and you will get a good deal.

Also you can read some of the posting of about a week or two ago. One discusses the reconditoning of a boat sitting in water.