Buying a second hand laser in South Africa

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I'd be very grateful if anybody could recommend any shops or clubs in South Africa that might be able to sell me a second hand Laser. I live in Malawi, so as you can imagine, getting my hands on a boat and equipment is proving quite difficult.

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Ask zeekoevlei yacht club in cape town as it is the major dinghy club or one of the yacht clubs in joburg such as aeolians.
Also try speaking to the Sa laser class association they should be able to help. Central boating sells new lasers as well

What are you looking for price wise, what do you want to get out of it? i.e. old boat for bashing around, newer boat for serious racing etc.

New Generation Yachting in Randburg [Johannesburg] often has some lasers for sale, I got mine from them,

I'm the class captain for Pretoria Sailing Club, so I will let you know if I hear of any up for sale, thought I mostly get guys asking me if I know of boats, not letting me know they are for sale! Though I may get shot for letting our boats leave the region/country, I see no point in a boat sitting idle and rotting if there is someone who would like to take it and sail it.

NGY have got 1 Laser at the moment, I think they want R7000 for it complete with dolly, the hull looks very good but the deck has been repaired & repainted. Another dealer in Randburg (Gauteng) close to the Coca Cola Dome (I think they are called Windsurf Africa) have got 2 nice looking Lasers at the moment (saw them today), contact Lubbe on +27837957777 for prices.

Next issue, does anyone have a Radial lower section & sail for my 13 year old daughter. I have got 2 lasers for my kids my son has got a 4.7 rig & I really need a radial rig. The boats will also be used by the Sea Scout troop that my kids belong to, so it is also youth development, please help! Lets get kids on the water, also any parents out there, get your kids to join the Sea Scouts, PM me if you need more details. Thanks.
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Thank you all for your help.

I'm looking for an old boat for around R7000 (max), and I'll also need a trailer. I'm new to the sport so will just be using this for learning.

The main problem I face is getting the boat from SA to Malawi. Does anybody know what the situation with import duty will be? I understand that there might be some people from SA coming up here for the Lake Malawi Sailing Marathon. If anybody knows of anyone who is going, and might be willing to deliver an extra boat, I'd be eternally grateful!

Redhawk - if you had a picture of that boat, or more details, that would be great. Also, where are you based, my SA geography is not great!

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>>Randburg (Gauteng) close to the Coca Cola Dome (I think they are called Windsurf Africa)

This is also in Johannesburg.

No idea regarding import duties I must say.

From my experience, getting a trailer is not as easy as it sounds, all the sub-R15K boats I've seen have never had a trailer.

Heresay, I beleive a new Laser trailer is around R6500 [or was last year], but don't take my word on that.

I was looking for a trailer now as well, and maybe I've been looking the wrong places, but came up pretty much empty handed.

What some guys have said to me is buy an old gypsey trailer or something and it can be modified for a laser, which works out cheaper.

I don't know if you will be able to do a decent Laser + trailer in R7000, if you can I will be super envious!! :)

Does anyone know where i could buy a second hand laser in South Africa? I've been asking around and still cant find anything. The only offer i've manage to find is a Laser GXD with Full rig for R37000.00. Thats abit steep for me at the moment.. I've even contacted New Generation Yachting and they got nothing other than a waiting list, lol and im number 17 on that list :(