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Hi Flieger, I bought my new Sunfish a year ago. It was built in early 2018 and I got it from West Coast sailing in Portland Oregon. They service a lot of the west coast of the U.S. as the name implies. At the time, mine cost $4,200 and after sales tax, delivery and registration, just under $5,000. The process was pretty simple and it was delivered to my front door. I had stated in a recent post that there isn't too much choice when it comes to used Sunfish here in California, especially recent boats in the 2,000's. (This doesn't hold true for Lasers. There are more options for buying a good used Laser). Now, if you've read some of the recent posts and replies from Beachygirl, you'll see some skeptisism about the 2019's having no supporting foam which is a big design change. They're not selling accordions so there must be some alternative support but what that is I don't know. Also, many people don't like the quality issues of the Chinese produced boats which is where my 2018 was made. I sure don't like the idea either but I do believe my boat is fine as are most made there. I really do like that I am the only owner of my boat. Lots of good weather for sailing here in Norcal. Back to Tomales tomorrow!


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I guess I should check the shipping costs to Texas.
I can imagine getting away from the foam to some other, lighter structural support which cannot get water logged would be a good thing.

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If it was me buying new, for the money I'd get a big-fish from island packet yachts. Should be much better quality and doesn't cost much more.
I don’t think they made big fish for more than a year or two. I’d stick with a Sunfish - lots of them, parts are often available (not always as the current manufacturer doesn’t Seem able to manage inventory) and strong resale value.

Aren’t there some dealers in TX?
We are an authorized LP dealer. We are bringing boats often and the shipping cost is not that terrible.

Racing Sunfish $4,980

Recreational Sunfish: $4,490

Dolly and covers are not included.

Transportation will around around $380

We also have a used boat ready for pick up at Rush Creek for $2,100 with dolly. It's a Vanguard


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Unfortunately, there aren't many Sunfish dealerships left, and those that haven't thrown in the towel may not have a Sunfish in their shop. This is due to the poor service that LP has provided to the US market. Dealers can order a boat for you, but you will have to wait weeks to actually get it. One can also order from LP directly (see their website).
I got my (Vanguard) fish from APS in 2005. They had a few on their lot and I got some goodies thrown in as well. Those times are gone, I am afraid...

PS: I am very leery of 2019 Sunfishes because they don't have the internal (foam) supports.
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Rod is one of the top racers in the sport and he has not come across air bags in any new boats so far, from the early ones that he looked at. I have a query in to LP to see if the newest boats have blocks or bags.

If Rod says he has a Vanguard ready with a dolly, I'd take a serious look at it. That's a good price for Texas. And if you want to get into racing, he says they have serious training every Saturday at 10:00 at Rush Creek Yacht Club.