Buy Sunfish = No wind

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I bought a used Sunfish 3 weeks ago and the there's been little to no wind for the last 3 weekends down here in NE Texas. Yesterday and today 2-3 kts. Last couple of weekends 5 knots was tops. I sailed a bit the last two weekends to get familiar with the boat but the wind was very inconsistent. I guess I broke the weather by buying a sailboat. Sorry to the rest of you.
Thats pretty normal during the dog days in Texas. Once the summer heat settles in, you have little wind and you float around in a pool of your own sweat. I thinks that may change next weekend.

But 5 knots is actually very nice in cooler weather. You can coast around (I call it "ghosting") with your mainsheet cleated and lay back and enjoy. Explore little nooks and crannies of the shoreline. Pop a soda or beer, pull up somewhere and sit for a bit.

The spring and fall generally have the best sailing weather in Texas. In south/central Texas, the water stays warm till November even if the air temps are cool.
Same problem in the Midwest! Love sailing in May/June, Sept/Oct. But August can be horrible. And it's true, you really don't think about the wind like a Sunfish sailor till you buy a boat, then you wonder why you never noticed! :)
I feel your frustration too. I also sail in NE Texas and the wind has been low or nothing at all when I could actually make it to the lake. I can't remember how many days I think wow today would be a great day to sail only to be stuck at work.