Burning 5000 Kcal/day... Training on the waters of the Algarve


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... technically the Atlantic just out of Vilamoura, Portugal.

Lots of sailors go there every winter for training. Originally, the people 'from the North', but the last few years it has developed into a semi championship-regatta. With sailors from all over the world, including BRA (a certain fellow called Robert Scheidt... just to name one). The Dutch Talent Squad (Radials U18) was there as well, including a few 'invitees' from Germany and Hongkong.

After the so-called Coach Regatta, the squad stayed for a few days for training. Normally, training leads to a regatta. But this was the opposite: coaches were able to observe their crews during the Coach Regatta and were able to give 'm feedback on the days that followed.

The wind was un-Portugal-like strong! The wind carried the waves up to the shore, including big swell just outside the harbour - With waves big enough to put a RIB on its back! One of the week's training was to gather information and data. So a few sailors were 'hooked up' with electronics - this time for the gathering of information about the burning of KJoules (or for us: Kcals). Average burning during training and regatta was... 5000 Kcals per sailor!!